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cinema4d under WINUAE


So i understand how c4d works and everything works fine.
Now i like to make an animation with c4d.
The Camerapath is a circle around some objects.
Direction of camera is aligned to an object.
Everythings work well.
But suddenly (Half Camerapath) the camera shows in opposite direction to the objects.
First i thought that this must be a c4d Problem.
But after rebooting whole windowssystem camera shows whole 360 degrees to the right object.
So i thought thats just a memory problem but few minutes again same shit( sorry).
So i rebooted new, Same happens and again and ag.....
One day later everythings normal.
than again also some textures not rendered properly (only half) and a animated light (shall turn 360 dgrees clockwise) turns one time like this or that just like randomize.
So my question??
Is this generally a c4d problem or only WINUAE.
Does it has somethings todo with little PC-memory(I've only 256mb on).
does this problem appears under C4d running with Amigaone_boars(so i think it's make no sense to buy one, better to buy pc-version.
Couls anyone help me with this (for my own) big problem???
regards and thanks for your patience.
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