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Originally Posted by plasmatron

Are you still in the industry today? If I remember right you have dome some bits for the GBA right ?

Is there any unreleased AMIGA stuff that you have ? I think there must be some titles that saw never the light of day ?
Yes I am in the industry. Somewhere

There is unreleased stuff. I am looking through all my Amiga discs right now. I've found quite a few things of interest like original mods of tunes that up until now are only available in Vectordean format. The mods are quite different to the versions that end up in the games. What has annoyed me though is discovering that I'd copied over a work-in-progress copy of Putty Squad for the Amiga

BTW the "aahhow" voice is John Foxx I think.

And yes, those mp3s were meant to played throughout the PC version as background tunes.

Thanks for the nice comments btw folks.
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