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Originally Posted by Codetapper
Well I still don't follow, there are a lot of crazy things with this release imho:

1. The readme implies Galahad did not make the slideshow, I don't understand why anyone would write a different name on it unless they were completely embarrassed by their work. Quoting Galahad at the bottom, or is that trying to be tricky and make out it wasn't him?

2. This bit in the readme: "since I've deleted all sources (Length of Main-Source without any includes: 159.277 Bytes) a few seconds ago, because Zoltrix told me a few days ago, that the slideshow project has been cancelled and I'm kinda angry about that."

Somebody says a project is cancelled so you go and delete all sources? How f*cking stupid can you get? That's like having a full unreleased game on your computer (and the only copy in existance) and deciding to just delete it! Rocks in the head material...

Overall a very strange release... The pics were very good at least!
1. Easy to explain, I used 2 different handles back in the day. One for illegal stuff and one for the legal things. And I didn't join Faction as a democoder actually so I simply had to use the sTYLe handle. Stupid? Of course!

2. As already said, I was totally fed up with the whole slideshow project back then that's why I deleted all sources. If you would've been in Faction at that time you would surely understand me better.
There weren't any great routines lost anyway since I didn't use any advanced stuff at all.
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