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Originally Posted by Codetapper
So who exactly did this demo then? On the one hand you have Galahad saying he did it, and yet 5 years earlier and already available for download is Stingray's version? So what's the deal?
It was me who did it, actually I already finished most of it in 1999 already. As Galahad might remember, I also uploaded weekly previews of the slide in the Faction internal conference of Spaced Out (Zoltrix' BBS). After I had finished the major part of the slideshow, I was waiting for some longer module, a new font for the textwriter Wade had promised to draw and some other things. Sadly I never got those and so I finally released the slide in unfinished state in September 2ooo after I heard that the whole project was cancelled by Zoltrix. This btw was also the reason for me to delete all sources and stuff since I was totally fed up with that damn slideshow back then.
I just released it because I had promised Wade to finish the slide for him. Well, later I worked on some other things together with him, too bad he seems to have lost interest in demoscene forever now. :/

Anyway, I hope everything is clear now, if not feel free to ask me.
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