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Ah yes, the little-known Amiga 300. Made by Commodore as yet another cost-cutting exercise, it was a reduced version of the A600 and featured a cut-down keyboard of just 8 keys (A, 2, F3, space, Help, V, tilde and Q), a 9-pin serial port, one joystick port, the red audio socket and a 3" floppy drive. Powered by one 9V battery and controlled by a recycled SID chip.

1) There were hundreds of high-quality Amiga pictures. Why not have a look around on Back to the Roots ( ) and see if you can find the ones you're looking for?

2) Deluxe Paint? Moviesetter? Personal Paint? Image FX? Demomaniac? Video Tracker? That Disney animation studio thing? Again, there were dozens of paint/music packages for the Amiga. Can you remember anything else?
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