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I dream of Bloodwych Code (literally)

last night i actually dreamt about the code to my favourite RPG Bloodwych. sad, i know, but i've become very attached to ripping this game apart.

I dreamt that someone had worked out all the different possible hex codes which make up wall data, and lovingly written them down for me to find. (in reality there must be a possible 65536 combinations, but i *know* they cant all be used!)

anyway, i suspect i dreamt this because i am (very very slowly) learning to code Blitz, with "Mission 1 Objective" being to "create basic Bloodwych Object Editor".... so i was wondering if anyone else has ever had a go at hacking it up or investigated tearing this game apart, because some (many) things still elude me.
Where does it store the later levels? (the towers) Where is the data for the baddies? how does it decide what colour arms/legs or bodytypes are used for each character? questions, questions, questions.... they go on.

anyway, basically, i'm trying to pool any Bloodwych hacking information that may have been gathered, or to encourage anyone who wants to, to have a go at tearing this game apart as much as i have... (or more )- hell i'd even appriciated some decent sprite rips for me to use in my editor!

Eventually i'm gonna get all the information i can find posted onto my Brothers currently unused site and create the ultimate resource for BW info. All helpers / BW enthusiasts welcome!
cheers guys
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