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Game questions ?

OK so retro gaming is touted to be going through a second renaisance as such on mobiles and handhelds in 2006-07, I'm lucky enough to be working on some titles which is all well and good, Now besides the fact that i like the Amiga i can't talk anybody who is working on the titles into supporting the new or classic Amiga hardware, These games are going to be JAVA powered so is there any JAVA support on Amigas ?
Porting wouldn't be too hard but i keep getting the "Whats the point" reply even from old Amiga users DOH

I'm not much of an Amiga head when it comes to this sort of stuff, I'm into games and some audio stuff on my Amiga (No audio at the minute because i'm on UAE and use the Amiga for 8Bit stuff, Looking for a replacement 12 as i type)

I have tried Google but mosts sites are way out of date or say that JAVA is possible but not very good.

Anyway thanks for any insight.
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