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Originally Posted by adolescent
Saying that Bill Gates doesn't deserve credit is wrong. Without his BASIC, there would have been no personal computer.
Read what i wrote again!. actually i will show you.

Yes Bill Gates had a vision, and i do commend him on following through with that vision, but there were other greats in the computer industry that Deserve just as much Merit, if not more than Gates ever should.

Nowhere in that did i say wholeheartedly that Bill DOESNT deserve credit!?.

I said there are other greats in the computer industry that deserve JUST AS MUCH Merit!. Yes Microsoft did come before most others, but that still does not change the fact that there were OTHERS that should be just as noteworthy!.

Your post is reactive!. you read something, and interpret it as something else, when its clear that its the opposite.

The computer industry from Bill Gates early days to what it is today has rested on its laurels!. Rather than there being TRUE proggresive advancement through Apple & Commodore, we have been left with something thats based on a 70's architecture with alot of tarted up pretty features.

We are supposed to progress in functionality. But Microsoft has blatently consumed its competitors, and even though i know this is life!. the big fish eat the little fish. Its still a fact that what we have today, should not be what we have today!.

Innovation is something thats been left behind on the road to mass corporate profit, and people like Jay Miner or whoever else came before or after Jay ( i understand there were other greats too ) need to be respected and acknowleged no matter how much Bill Gates first influenced technology!.

Yes, the Amiga failed. but if i had of been the head of Commodore back then and i knew the Amiga was going to fail, then i would have still gone ahead with it. because its being passionate and believing in your product that gets you the most respect, self dignity and self satisfaction.. as opposed to walking over your competitors, and people for whom you should respect.

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