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Jay Miner - No one will ever know.

After seeing an Article yesterday about Bill Gates in Time magazine about what a great billionaire humanitarian he is ( took him his first 10 billion to do something!? ), it came to my Attention that when he dies, he will be considered THE Man that brought an operating system to the masses!.

He will be revered as the pinacle and the key figure in all of Personal Computing and anyone or anything that came before him will almost be deemed as non-existant!.

So where does that leave poor old Jay Miner?. A man who brought us a machine that was light years ahead of anything at the time, a machine with Vision, and the worlds first truly multitasking and efficient operating enviroment!.

When he died, i didnt find out from TV or the Newspapers or through any other Mass media!. I found out in an Amiga Magazine, which i suppose you could class as mass media, but where did you ever hear of his death outside of the Amiga Scene!?..

If you have money in this world, you'll be more remembered for your social and financial status, more so than your innovation and vision.

Yes Bill Gates had a vision, and i do commend him on following through with that vision, but there were other greats in the computer industry that Deserve just as much Merit, if not more than Gates ever should.

And one of those Men is Jay Miner.

RIP Jay.. your not forgotten.
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