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Right because I'm a caring sharing kinda guy I've uploaded Alien Breed again, available from the downloads section of my site.

You can complete the level very quickly if you do what you're supposed to do, however, there's loads of pointless map to explore. And the big beasties blow themselves up quite often, this will be fixed! I recomend switching infinate ammo on in the setup file getting the machine gun and killing everything with that, because it's really satisfying!

And Methanoid, it pisses me right off when people who have no idea who I am comment on my 'attitude' I'm doing this for FREE in MY time, I am the only person coding this game and spending MY weekends and evenings doing it. I've received more abusive emails slagging me off for not getting Alien Breed finished than people saying keep up the good work. It will be complete eventually, however, I have many many other things I have to do, for example, work to pay the mortgage, work to keep the car running, spend time with my wife, decorate the house... real life stuff... oh... I have a social life too... Sorry for having such a bad attitude.
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