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Originally Posted by gizmomelb
Hi Billy - excellent work, I was wondering if you had to use any special options in WinUAE to be able to see the Amiga HDDs? I've tried installing my Amiga 2.5" laptop drive in my PC but the PC BIOS doesn't even see the HDD on bootup, so Windows of course can't see the drive and I cannot access/put info on it. So possibly an external caddy is the way to go for me too.

You mentioned using solid state 2.5" drives.. as in flashram drives? If so, how much did they cost and where did you get them?

Also I'm surprised that PAL A600's worked on your NTSC TVs?

Hey Gizmomelb! The machine I do my WinUAE work on is a Gateway 7422 notebook which came with Windows XP Home installed. (Proud to say this is my only version of XP)
I use a USB to IDE adapter to attach the Amiga drives to the notebook, and I'm quite certain the BIOS never comes into play in this regard. Beside what I understand about the drive manager included in XP, is that it queries the hardware itself (32bit support) and doesn't need the BIOS for 'non-booting' drives. That being said I'm pretty sure you could use any IDE interface your machine accepts, parallel ide, usb -> ide, sata, etc etc.

Back in the day I did hardware/network support for a company and did some research on 2.5" IDE Flash drives. I chose the SimpleTech drives for their price and performance at the time. They weren't as cheap then as they are now. 2.5" 256MB should go new from between $100-160 USD. I bought them through Ingram Micro a top tier vendor, but you can buy from the Ingram warehouses via Flash drives aren't worth the money in my view, but they are VERY low draw so I would expect an actual Commodore A600 power supply to function well.

I'm sure you can come up with a used 4-8GB 2.5" IDE notebook drive for next to nothing though.

As far as using physical drives in WinUAE, I think I had to use the drop down dialog in order to select the drive on the config page 'F12' (using Linux to type this so I can't check). They didn't show up directly.

Yeah, finally... You're correct about the UK PAL machines, I can't presently use them on my TV's or monitors directly. The GOOD News is that I can attach them to my LCD panel via a composite input I have on my tuner card. The card supports all times, PAL/NTSC/SECAM blah blah blah. Ehh.. it's a work around.

I wonder if anyone knows whether it's possible to change the timing on a PAL A600 by merely swapping out the MHz and 50.000 MHz crystals with the one appropriate for NTSC operation???

Good luck with the HD's.
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