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Sigh.I don't believe too many earlier postings attempt to necessarily argue the technical merits of Lionheart vs SOTB. What is very nicely argued out by Galahad, Akira & co. is the relative merits about how the games are being compared. Certain postings questioning people's preference for SOTB, or questioning it's commercial success vs Lionheart's (lack) thereof ignore the main points by Galahad & co.-when the two games were released.

Lionheart was released years after SOTB was relased. By the time of Lionheart's release, the 16bit consoles of the SNES/Megadrive were taking the hearts & minds of the gaming kiddies, along with platform jumpy romps. The Amiga lacking Mario & Sonic meant that Amiga fans were desperate to jump onto any would-be Amiga mascot hence the success of Zool,James Pond/Robocod etc. Indeed,SOTB's programmers Reflections showed the benefits of their own programming advances from their SOTB day's with their own platform game effort "Brian the Lion", with all sorts of gimmicky consolesque hardware tricks on the Amiga.

Way back when SOTB was unleashed was a different story-given most peoples owned a C64/speccy/cpc, or the ST, SOTB with its huge sprites, scrolling landscapes & classical tunes was truly something that showed the Amiga hardware off at its best,AT THAT TIME! As others have merely tried to point out, technical differences/improvements are to be expected-but ragging on what was considered a favoured Miggy showcase item (SOTB) to brag to mates about (& what was widely recognised as a successful title),isn't going to change the history of which was the more successful game.

In a modern comparison, GTA S.A. & Vice City absolutely dump on GTA 3 from a great height technically-does that make the latter,crap? Of course not. Each had its great gameplay merits/detractions in the time of their release.
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