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It is completely beyond me how people can label Beast as the better out of the 2 ??. Beast was WAY too difficult ( Beast 2 was impossible ) and although it was technically and sonically brilliant. It didnt raise a candle to Lionheart!.

This isnt a comparison as to when each game came out!. wether they are 6 years apart or 1 year apart makes no difference!. i think the point that was trying to be made to begin with, was that this game throughout the Amiga's life had the best Graphics overall!!..

People say that beast had parallax and and better sprites.. etc.. but take a "close" look at Lionheart and notice how EVERY single line on your screen is moving in parallax!.. Beast only had about 6 levels of it... Lionheart blows it away!.. not to mention pressing "I" on your keyboard, managed to give you interlacing to blend the copper even closer together!!...

A friend of mine back then who owned an Amiga, Megadrive, SNES & PC.. called me over the phone and was virtually yelling, asking me i had seen the Demo of Lionheart from The One Magazine!... He just kept saying that this is like SNES Mode 7 graphics & that he couldnt believe it was on an A500 !!!... he was an Amiga nut like me, but he was also a Megadrive & SNES nut as well, and for him to call up the way he did and say how this is comparable if not better than anything he has seen on the SNES, it was quite a rare thing!.

its sound was so Orchestral!!.. So some people didnt take a liking too it!. Why because it was "different" to anything youve ever heard before in an Amiga game!!.. it was very original, and too me was very fitting and proffesionally done!.

Gameplay wise how is beast better??.. Lionheart was perfectly playable, and i find it laughable how the very people who bag the crap out of Lionheart, are the same people who say they couldnt play past the 1st or 2nd level!... Do you honestly understand how much better Lionheart gets!!????..

Comparison's in Animation too compared to Beast as well... in Beast ( other than the main character ), they had about 3 frames of animation!.. in Lionheart it looks as though they have about 20 or 30 at times... and YES, i advise once more that you play past the 1st and 2nd levels to get a true idea of the amount of work that went into this game!.

Just because for some people this wasnt their style of game, does not mean that this game wasnt one of the BEST EVER on the Amiga!. I too could never fathom why this never got the praise it should have got back then!?.

Controls were great in Lionheart!.. you could hack, crouch, do a 180 degree spin, jump and lunge down with your sword, you could hang from overhead ropes like on a monkey bar, ride a dinosaur, fly a dragon, slide!.

Now lets look at beast. punch, crouch, jump kick & fly !?..

I know which game i would rather be playing!..

There was certainly something wrong in the industry back then when it came to who got credit and who didnt!. Take a look at the game "Zool". It was the biggest pile of steaming shit ever, but it was given great reviews, it was called techincally stunning????.. and that it was the Amiga's answer to Sonic!?.. give me a #@$@$ break!.

Lionheart wins hands down, and if anyone says otherwise, too me they are just being biased!.

( I still love beast 1 though!. it has fond memories for me! )

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