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Originally Posted by Kada
This is interresting, because there were some issues with Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis on Amiga, where it didn't work so well. Does anyone remember the scene with the knife thrower guy, in that desert/arabia type of town? It could take 4-5 minutes just to walk across the screen. The game was literally going in slowmotion. I am still amazed how bad this game was ported to Amiga, when compared to the PC original. Not to mention all the later Sierra games that were ported for Amiga. They were in NO way more technically advanced than those from Lucasarts, yet they were playing in slowmotion unless you had a turbo card. Why was that? It could certainly not have been the Amiga's fault, like it couldn't handle the graphics or something. In Police Quest 3, the very first screen, you move a 2D sprite across a fixed background. Compare that to the graphics of, say, Project X which has nearly hundreds of sprites, scrolling backgrounds, etc etc. What were they thinking?? You could make a faster running game in AMOS for crying out loud!
Yeah, remember how slow it was back when it came out and I played it on my was a revelation to play it oin my A1200 which I got 5 years ago.
Seems like 7mhz wasn't enough cpu power for the Amiga version.
Just wish they had made a 256 colour version with the same amount of sound/animations as the PC version but with the Amiga's music.
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