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Originally Posted by billy
I recently bought a couple A600's from the UK. I ended up merging the power cable with an old ATX power supply [I used a VOM, but aminet has docs] to get them to work here in the states. Both machines were minus HD's until I added a couple of solid state 2.5" drives to them.

This gives me a perfect opportunity to thank Toni for the EXCELLENT native HD support in WinUAE!! In setting up these machines, I was able to hookup the 2.5" drive to my Windows laptop via a USB to IDE adapter, perform all my format/copy/setup/tweak work and then pop the drives back in my A600's!!
Hi Billy - excellent work, I was wondering if you had to use any special options in WinUAE to be able to see the Amiga HDDs? I've tried installing my Amiga 2.5" laptop drive in my PC but the PC BIOS doesn't even see the HDD on bootup, so Windows of course can't see the drive and I cannot access/put info on it. So possibly an external caddy is the way to go for me too.

You mentioned using solid state 2.5" drives.. as in flashram drives? If so, how much did they cost and where did you get them?

Also I'm surprised that PAL A600's worked on your NTSC TVs?

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