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The "New Amiga" you so eagerly wait for has NOTHINg to do with what a real Amiga was or is. amiga has become nothing but a brand, except for us who still treasure what the real machine is. Amiga Inc. are just out there to make a buck out of poor amigans like you who have faith in whatever the fuck they say it's going to be good for the Amiga. for christ's sake, I bet hundreds of idiots bought one of those PDA devices just because they havea hint of Amiga in there. That's just retarded.

IF I was wanting to run the new AmigaOE, I would not have to buy any new machine, my current PC would run it. Fall from the sky and check out reality, Amiga is software now, not anymore a machine. The AmigaOne is a (crap?) solution for current Amigans to migrate from a cool A1200 to a shitty metoo machine.
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