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I don't know if this is a problem with AmiCDFS or my new CD-ROM drive, but a couple of weeks ago I used a CD writer on a PC to put together a disc with loads of zip archives on. Problem is it seems any archive above 6MB in size isn't recognised properly - typing dir in the shell reveals that there are loads of small files with the same name, that all add up to the file's actual size, if you see what I mean. So a 12MB file comes up 4 times with smaller filesizes. A 150MB file comes up with loads of separate files. However a 2MB file works fine. I tried using the command Join but that doesn't work, neither does changing the filesystem. I use AmiCDFS 2.40 and a SCSI drive, with a Squirrel interface. All my magazine CDs work 100% okay.

Anyone have any ideas?
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