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Big grin Another Amy saved!

Finally! This guy was like a "block of wood"!...

Who? Ow, this guy - a really good friend of mine - who had this Amy1200 and kept it in the attic, for almost 8 years now !!!
He got it "back in the days" (about 1995... wow, just noticed it - can't remember the exact month, but that's like exactly 10 years now ), when seen some cool games on my A600, and like had to have one too... then there wasn't any more "graphically advanced" (OMG! OMG! OMG!) games enough for him, so he stopped using it... yeah, a real player with the priority to graphics... anyone else never ever played a strategy game, but kept one just for graphics? He did that with Settlers ...

I tried to get him "into" it again, when i found that Amy's still alive and kicking a few years back, when i got meself a HD and WHDLoad, but he didn't want to spent such "huge" amount of cash for a RAM expansion + HD ...

Anyways, anyways, anyways...
Got a new mint, white desktop A1200 on 2B revision board, with german keyboard, about a 100 of not-quite-originall disks and a "stuff"... move: EXPAND! EXPAND! EXPAND!

Any of you guys, ever had such good Amy-friends
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