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Digging this out of the BIN i know but i never saw Akira's reply here in answer to it. I put Dpaint away in 1993 and havent used it since the other 2 years i was in the scene i used Amiga Art package Brilliance and Brilliance 2 it was every bit as good as Dpaint and had quite a few nicer features too!

However i have not done any pixel graphics for the last 10 years i think my skills have gone not that i was ever that great anyway

Also don't tar all PC apps with the same brush (if you pardon the pun), Xara Extreme (as it's now known) is AWESOME and nothing like photoshop or paintshop pro or any of the other Pc art package (if you can call em that). I am sorry but the days of pixeling for hours on end are long gone for me at any rate!

Anyone who keeps up with my posts will know i am always banging on about Xara in whatever current version it's in but it really is a master class in speed and execution unlike 99.9% of the other PC (or for that matter apple mac) Art packages. Just take a look at it at

Xara's roots are from the Archemedies (can't even spell it ) It is a Vector based art package that Amiga would have killed to have at the time! (look no jaggies)

Is this project still on the go Galahad? i did a logo for it about a year ago will have to look see if i still have it
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