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I recently bought a couple A600's from the UK. I ended up merging the power cable with an old ATX power supply [I used a VOM, but aminet has docs] to get them to work here in the states. Both machines were minus HD's until I added a couple of solid state 2.5" drives to them.

This gives me a perfect opportunity to thank Toni for the EXCELLENT native HD support in WinUAE!! In setting up these machines, I was able to hookup the 2.5" drive to my Windows laptop via a USB to IDE adapter, perform all my format/copy/setup/tweak work and then pop the drives back in my A600's!!

Soooo sweet. WinUAE has become an indispensable tools for retro-Ami support.
Thank you!!

For workbench disks, eBay has a number of them for sale right now
OS 2.1

I'm looking for CHEAP memory upgrades for these A600's. An additional 1MB Chip and or 2 or 4MB SRAM PCMCIA cards. I want to run my WHDLoad but I don't have enough mem for the rekicks and the games.
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