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Having a Amiga600 since friday i need HELP

Last friday, one guy after i delivery a p4 3,4ghz to him ask if i want a old computer he have ... i anser yes ... (worse thing that could happen would be to sent the computer to garbage later) ... is a old Amiga 600 with monitor and mouse ... psu from amiga is dead make some noise from one big capacitor and don't power on .... the psu is +5 +12 -12 like a pc psu i connect the cables to a old pc at psu and the amiga is power on ok now

Now i have a big problem i don't have workbench disk's

i think is possible to connect a old pc 2'5 hd to pc and make it a bootable hd for amiga ???
after that connect the hd on amiga and boot from hd

if someone could help to make the amiga bootable hd from pc
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