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WTF Akira? Do u still have those samples? I've been hanging around a RPG Maker board, and they have a Shooter Maker section too, and everyone is asking for sample games....
Most people are having trouble using it (Me too).. It seems like the translation isn't 100% accurate..that's what I posted today in that board:

"I've been able to make the main player, change its speed (not in game), make it shoot the primary or seconday weapon and the bombs(For now, they are all the same in my "test game" ), I also can choose between make the scroll forced (like in R-Type, Axelay or Sonic Wings), only scroll with the player movement (This will be great to do games like Alien Syndrome, Alien Breed or The Chaos Engine), both things (So if you have a vertical shmup, you can make it scroll when you move left or right to show more of the screen, but I can't make it work properly yet, as it's scrolling in all directions, when I only want 2 directions), or no scroll at all (You can make Space Invaders clones like that, or even a Smash T.V. clone)
I've also been able to make destructible background, and crashable background (i.e. you die if you touch it).

It looks like this translated version isn't 100% translated and accurate, as the events manager doesn't show the name of all events (Most of them are all called "event", when I believe they should be called "enemy1" or 'teletransport") , the Event Movements aren't translated (only 3 or 4 functions are translated), and when you double click an event in the events field, most texts are marked only with "????" . Apart from those gripes, the translation is great (Congratulations again to the translation team), and I don't know if the translation team is able to correct those bugs or not, so while they don't do it, we should try and discover how those things work.

So far, I've found the following events use:

23 : Event - It changes the speed (and maybe the direction) of the scrolling

24 : Event - Teletransport

32 : Event - It changes any variable of the game (You can either add 1 to the variable or set a number between 0 and 255)

160 - 178 Events - Those are certainly something special

128-159 Events - Possible the Enemies Events. So far those are the only ones I've been able to put in the events field and make shoot (even although I still can't make the shots move), and I tested event 151, it's possible to make it shoot and kill the player with its shot. (If that's really true, it gives us only 31 different enemies per game, a low number IMO...)

That's as far as I got so far, but I'll keeping messing with the program to find more things, and as soon as I discover more, I'll post here.

Like I said before, it's important to all of us share our knowledge so we can make the SM community grow "

Problem is that the Shooter Maker board there is VERY small, just a few peoples post there..

here's the board, if anyone is interested
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