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After actually looking around a bit, there atleast exists a solution for the 1MB chipmem + some MB othermem users. They can use the good old SWOS HD Installer which supports up to the 96/97 version of SWOS - see the readme.

The only thing to complain about is that it doesnt seem to work with a softkicked kickstart (using SKick - no mmu or fancy maprom hardware), but otherwise it runs just fine on my 1MB chipmem + 4MB fastmem A500+.

For the 2MB chipmem only case, you should try the JST SWOS installer which claims to work on a 2MB chipmem only A1200 - see the readme. It supports up to the 97 update disk SWOS version which also isnt the very latest, but if it works, it will be so much better than no SWOS at all .

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