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i just want to inform you all that the site now accepts Longsplays aswell.
So recording movies should now be much easier for those who are too lazy to do a speedrun.

And one of the first games is Guldkorn expressen

Here is a direct quote from the latest news from our site posted by Ironclaw

This site will now contain longplay movies aswell. So if you are one of those who don't like or want to record speedruns, you can now record longplays instead.

The same rules for speedrun movies also applies for longplay movies, which means no cheating etc.. (read F.A.Q if you don't know) with one exception, longplay movies must be "Full" recordings which means from the first stage to the last one.

The difference between a speedrun movie and a longplay movie is that speedrun movies are played as fast as possible trying to complete a game (Full) or just a level (Partial), while a longplay movie is to complete a game without thinking of the speed, it can take as long as the player wants, but he/she has to complete the game or it won't be accepted.

So start recording and send us the materials and we will do as always, which is cutting and adding our brand etc...
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