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Of course knoledge & time are just as precious a donnation as original data Alexh

Which is why such a long time is being taken making sure the sites database engine is not only websafe & useable by EVERYBODY but also that it still looks the part.

Secondly its structure is such that data entry HAS to be a single entry format so that as each new entry is made it auto intergrates,to save the VALUABLE time of those compiling it.

All compilers will build it a section at a time & by having a central collection point for the raw data it allows for the prevention of TWO people ending up working on the same entry & reduction of duplicated effort.

Because this is NOT a deadline project there is NO presure to give more time than you have available or are willing to give.

The front end database should be available to view before new year as the current webmaster Binox is still tweaking code BUT promises to put up the MKI demo soon. So certainly constructive critisism at that point would be useful
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