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Floppy disk Sensible Soccer Demos!

Amiga Power - Issue 13 - Sensible Software Disk Special (1992-05) Sensible Practise, 1p no opponent or 2p
Amiga Format - Issue 034 - Down at the Arcade Disk (1992-05)(UK) Sensible Practise 2, 1p no opponent or 2p
Amiga Plus (1992-08)(Falke-Verlag)(De) Sensible German Practise, 1p no opponent or 2p
Amiga Format - Issue 067 - Disk 67b (1995-01) Sensible Italy, All Seria A, B, teams.
Amiga Power - Issue 43 - Disk #43,1 (1994-11) Sensible Scotland, All SPL Teams.
Amiga Computing - Issue 080 (1994-12)(Europress Interactive)(UK) Sensible England, 1st Division Teams.
Amiga Action - Issue 65 - Disk 2 - Sensible World of Moon Soccer (1994-12) Sensible Moon, Play On Moon, Bogus Teams.
Amiga Power - Issue 21 - CoverDisk 21 (1993-01) Sensible England Vs Germany, 3 themed encounters 1 with hand grenade as ball.
Amiga Action - Issue 42 - Creatures & Unsensible Soccer (1993-03) Unsensible Soccer, Norwich v Man Utd. Apples & Oranges.
One Amiga, The - Issue 51 - Disk B (1992-12)(EMAP Images) Sensible Golden Goal, Lazio vs Sheff Wed.
One Amiga, The - Issue 73 - Disk B (1994-10)(EMAP Images)(UK) Sensible World Of Fancy Soccer For The One.

Just for easier to read listing

Sensible Practise
Sensible Practise 2
Sensible German Practise
Sensible Italy
Sensible Scotland
Sensible England
Sensible Moon
Sensible Eng vs Ger
Unsensible Soccer
Sensible Golden Goal
Sensible Fancy

Anyone know of any other Sensible Soccer demos by Sensible Software?

Edit: also a few of these need to be WHDLoaded

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