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Exclamation WHDLoad V16.5 released !!!

The new version of this EXCELLENT program is released!

grab it here:

and don't forget to register if you haven't yet!

here's whats new in this update:

*** 16.5 (15.12.2005)
- new: check for CyberGraphX/56KHZAUDIO added (David Roeskamm)
- new: commands PL_ORB/W/L added for patch lists (Psygore)
- chg: if XPK decompression fails during preload WHDLoad shows the
missing sublib name too
- fix: kickemu correctly updates IO_ACTUAL on trackdisk accesses (JOTD)
- chg: russian translation reworked (Manbiker)
- new: display promotion added to kick31emu, with that WHDLoad options
DblPAL and DblNTSC become working in conjunction with installed
games using kick31 emulation and supporting it
- fix: stackcheck modified to avoid complaining if first long word of
stack is trashed (e.g. when using WarpOS-XPK-Sublib and running
from Workbench)
- chg: bubble help for bplcon* registers added to WHDLoadGCI
- fix: improved startup code for kickemu and _bootdos in kick13.asm
- fix: disassembler for negative absolut word addressing fixed (Psygore)
- chg: improved error messages on resload_Patch(Seg)
- new: slovak translation added, thanks to Jan Zahurancik and Martin Durik
- new: ukrain translation added, thanks to Andrey Molchanov
- chg: improvement on resload_ProtectSMC, instructions modifying the sr
no longer break the SMC check, autodocs fixed, disabling trace is
no longer required with SMC check (JOTD)
- chg: text explanation added to register dump for attnflags and setcpu
- chg: Snoop on 68060 now allows change of bit #6/7 of ciaa.ddra which
is used on accessing/detecting joypad
- new: if WHDLoad is started without an slave argument from the CLI it
shows a short help for all options and some raw key codes
- chg: improved speed on preload for resload_Examine, now uses dos.ExAll
and memory pools (when running on v39+)
- chg: kick31emu got a new option called JOYPADEMU, formerly included in
INIT_LOWLEVEL now separated to support GetLanguage without joypad
emulation, also the joypademu has been improved, now the keys
used are user configurable using the Custom option
- chg: options ExecuteStartup and ExecuteCleanup are now local and
global useable (Ralf St├╝tzer)
- chg: file PreLoad improved, uses now dos.ExAll, memory pools (if
running under v39+ and more than 4MB free fast available),
asynchronous decrunching of XPK files
- new: supports also the kickstart images supplied with Cloantos Amiga
Forever CDs, kick130.rom or amiga-os-130.rom must be renamed to
kick34005.A500, kick310.rom or amiga-os-310.rom renamed to
kick40068.A4000, images together with the rom.key must be
installed under DEVS:Kickstarts, some older installs require a
kick40068.A1200 image these installs wont run with Cloantos roms
- new: norwegian translation added which is not complete but better than
none, thanks to Herman Andresen
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