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Hey Maverick,

Cool, thanks for the posting the images and the information about your cabinet

Hmmm, SWOS. To tell you the truth I'm not really that much of a fan. Only played it a handful of times and also found the controls a bit rubbish (sorry to all you die hard SWOS fans out there). Somebody else is probably best helping you with this query...

Flashback, pressing Enter will use whatever is selected. The whole turning 90 degrees is happening because your Shields are selected. Later in the game you will find a Recharger, this is when you should have your Shields selected and then press Enter... After picking up the Holocube you use it and are shown the plot/background. I believe using it is done by:

Pressing F1, select the Holocube (use the arrow keys to move along), press F1 again. You will now notice that the symbol in the top right is now the Holocube. Press Enter to use it.

Attached is the full SNES level codes and walkthrough (which I believe is the same as the Amiga version). Really you shouldn't need to use this walkthrough much at all though, once you know how all the controls work the game is pretty easy to work out. I remember I only got "really" stuck on the 6th or 7th stage. Handy to have anyway though...

Good luck

Another really cool Delphine game is Another World. You should try this out...
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