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Even though I have a future project to create our own Amiga Hardware Archive
I could not as Alex H leech anything from the site ..not because it is down ...but because "ALL photo's & entries belong to its author"

While I plan also to mirror drivers etc those that require additional registration or purchase MUST be identified...if they change at a later date then that can be amended then.

Certainly the last comment about processing donated information is the most important part which is why it will take so long to create our in house version , as e-mails & verification checks will need to be made for each entry.

I fully sympathise with those who create sites for community good only to find themselves later targeted "For making a mistake or two "..sometimes it is NOT the original creator who causes these upsets , but cash minded individuals who aquire the rights as part of a "Block Deal " on other things & starts a searh based on all the individual parts of their newly aquired assests.

While they know they cannot make money by selling & releasing these parts for sale a legal action can be worth substantialy more..the rest you will see happening a lot more frequently....particularly if they ever make a 1200 joystick to tv device in the next 5 years.

The resources that we use as abandonware games for both WHD load & WinUAE will suddenly recieve the worst kind of interest
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