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Hi everybody,

First, excuse my poor and very bad English 'cause i'm French. ;-)

Thanks for your support. ;-)

Like "Ole" (the man who made the port of UAE for the PS2) says :

"The Port of the UAE amiga emulator for the PS2 platform was build by the ps2dev free development tools to satisfy my curiosity wether the uae could be compilable under ps2dev environment and how well will it perform".

So it's "just" a simple port without modification to take the maximum of the PS2's capacity... I hope Ole will soon give us a new performed version of this port. ;-)

Unfortunatly, i don't know the Ole's eMail to write him... I just know the official home-page of "UAE for PS2" :

If someone knows Ole's Email, please, send it to me : It will be very great if i could put a new version of "UAE for PS2" in my next release of PS2AMiga ! ;-)

Don't forget to read the tutorial here :

(I took the screenshots whith à PS2 emulators)

Finaly, when the Amiga games are to slowly with PS2Amiga, there is a Tips : Just go in the Menu (pressing "Start") of the emulators and give "MAX" at CPU (it's "8" by default) : It will give more speed. This little problem will be fix in my 2.0 release of PS2AMiga. ;-)

PS : The Workbench is a good idea. ;-)

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