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Evil grin My amiga freezes because of select.gadget prefs???

Ok, here is some strange stuff:

I recently (after upgrading fully to pci bus) experienced lock-ups... mainly in: visualprefs app, and some other like the config for amiga-duke3d ... I thought OK, no big deal, everything else works, so fudge it! but today I wanted to start the full-pallete prefs program and the amiga froze again! wtf? I run snoop-dos, and before the freeze (both in duke3d prefs and fpallete) it says that it loads OK the select.gadget and that it fails to load the env:select.prefs ... then it freezes... any ideas?

oh, and the lockups appear AFTER I intall the ATE themes... before that all is fine, is it birdie to blame?
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