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Now I have some pics but I cannot post them. Apparently Javascript is required to do it and our Admins disabled it a week ago due to some strange virus warning. Since then I'm not even able to have linefeeds in my posts.
However there's a pic of my cabinet in our german arcade community:
I made this pic some months ago when my PC adapter was not ready yet and I had my old A500 in my cab. In the meanwhile it has been replaced by a 1GHz Duron which runs MAME and UAE quite well. Even though I'm more into pinballs I have a lot of fun with my arcade cabinet and I can only recommend to get one. I got it more by accident, a friend of mine had two of them with faulty monitors and after I repaired one for him, he gave me the other one for free. But you can get a working one in eBay for less than 100€ at least here in germany. The PC is also from eBay, I payed 70€ including shipping and just added the drives. The machine really revived my interest in Amiga games which was dead for almost 12 years and MAME is of course great also.
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