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I can only remember a few of mine actually breaking...
the Navigator - trigger snapped across the middle. A couple of my friends had the same happen, so I'd say it's a design fault. Superglue kept it going a while longer
A couple of cheap ones had dodgy stick-top buttons - one had a plastic rod going through the stick to the switch in the base, the rod broke & the button popped out... the other had plastic clippy things holding it inside the top, these broke & it sprang out...

Had some just stop working...
the Commodore-branded ones with the rubber button thingys inside (as seen on some modern joypads) - the rubber wore out or something & it just stopped responding.
some of the cheap ones with "leaf" springs, again the leafs just got too worn to respond properly. And some had cable failures.

Also had an Amiga "brick" mouse's left button wear out... got less & less responsive then just stopped. I blame Lemmings for this one (among other games)
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