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I'm an Aussie living in Perth. Only really got into BBS's in the mid-90s when I struck up a friendship with a scener called the Heavyweight^Brk. Mainly logged on to Terra Firma run by a guy called Psyche (Dario) here in Perth. Still got some stuff that I leeched from Terra Firma archived on CD. Unfortunately I also lost a heap in HD crashes etc. back in the 90s when CD burners and media were quite pricey. Anyway, Terra Firma was shut down by Psyche around 1996/97 and I looked to the net to grab Amiga stuff. Soon gained access to ftp sites with contacts made on Galaxynet. Accessed one or two overseas BBS's (e.g. The Bitch, Boondocks) via telnet back in the late 90s, but they were often quite slow compared to local BBS's and ftp sites. Have to say that I miss the old skool BBS's. Only thing on the net that has come close to them in all these years has been EAB!
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