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Originally Posted by SWOS
u r either brainwashed or didnt play any Amiga game on an Amiga for a LONG LONG TIME

its never the real deal ...

1-You cant connect ur fav Amiga Joystick/Gamepad to your Pc (even if u got the connector/adapter for it .. i think its not worth it coz it would cost u like 6-8 pounds and thats the price of ur fav Amiga Joystick new from eBay)
Using PPJoy and my old 4 Plr amiga adapter I can use all my old joysticks/pads

2-An emulator wouldnt give u the exact speed as a real Amiga
It's as near as damn it

3-Most people (if not everyone) has to face some problems before running most games on the emulator (i couldnt run any games on my mac and before on my Win xp PC)
Uhmm.. I think between winuae and winfellow most bases are covered here. A PC with WinUAE is MORE compatible out of the box than an Amiga 1200 (PC Runs more a500/a1200 games than the 1200).. Though once WHDLoad is added the 1200 wins hands down!

4-You need a FAST pc to run all amiga games (not everyone has that)
Not true.. For AGA this definately helps but generally isn't true!

u will also miss the loading , the feel of the solid old joystick in your hand .. & tons of other things!!
I wont miss the loading, I do have a solid AMIGA joystick in my hands.. I just miss the actual "real feel" the Amiga offers.. The PROPER loading sounds, thje display (lets face it real amiga on a tv is far better than a pc!)

Don't get me wrong SWOS.. I am not pro-emu, but I am realistic. I much prefer using the real thing, but circumstances mean that using an emu is less hastle..

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