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Aruze, a fucking pachinko company, bought SNK like a year or more ago. They instantly started to fuck things up, by removing all SNK products from western markets and all that shite (when they took the NGPC stuff back, all that jazz). This was the mark of SNK's death IMO.

Anyway, when this happened, a LOT of their art department went onto Capcom (check out the box art for Capcom's Final Fight One for the GBA), and others stood there... Now I wish teh talented people who worked at SNK will move onto good softcos like Capcom, 8ing, Takumi or Sega, or betetr yet, pull a Treasure and form their own company!

There were other things than just fighters Ian

andreas: yep, that could be the last game. but it wont make it home, so let's say I bought the last (or second to last)SNK game for home It surely is their last ORIGINAl game, since mark of teh Wolves it's a port.
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