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AmiKit 1.02 UPDATE package available

AmiKit 1.02 update (12-Dec-2005) - contains v1.01 update as well:

- ADDED: excellent DirOpus4 configuration created for AmiKit by Pavel Pok
- ADDED: GMPlay 1.3 + GMPlayMUI 1.2 + gmtones + MidiFiles
- ADDED: XPK packing options to DirOpus5 User Menu
- UPDATED: FlashPlayer 1.2
- UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.17
- UPDATED: MMKeyboard enabled by default. Adjust your PC keyboard to your needs by AmiKit:Utilities/EXPANSION/MMKeyboard/MMKeyboard configuration program.
- UPDATED: AmiKit.exe warns you if the name of your Win partition is in conflict with AmiKit
- UPDATED: handling of DirOpus5 XPK and XFD filetypes
- FIXED: bad recognizing of DirOpus5 Sound Module filetype

AmiKit 1.01 update (06-Dec-2005):

- ADDED: new Magic bootpicture for 1024x768. Use AmiKit:Prefs/ShowAmiga96_Prefs to enable it.
- UPDATED: asyncio.library 40.6
- FIXED: bad replaying of sound modules due to incorrect frequency settings
- FIXED: ASp audio problems with AHI6
- FIXED: AF2005 Online Edition not recognized if Win C: partition has no additional name.

TROUBLESHOOTING: It might happen that IPrefs crashes during the boot process (behind the bootpicture so this picture never disappears). In that case just reset AmiKit and try to boot again.
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