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Toastscans Available Again !

Just received an email from Software Hut that Toastscan cna be purchased again.
Here the message
Originally Posted by Software Hut
You are receiving this email as you have requested to be contacted once our company, Software Hut, has Toastscan Scan Doubler/flicker fixers available again. After a lot of hard work organizing all the parts and pieces needed to make a new production run of this popular product, I am pleased to tell you a new batch of Toastscans are currently being built and will be available for shipment by Software Hut around December 28.

As you probably already know, the Toastscan works with all Amiga software and Amiga OS and allows any Amiga model to fully display in all possible resolution modes with a normal, low cost, PC monitor. It allows the user to replace worn out or damaged Amiga monitors with a larger, better resolution display. In many cases, the Toastscan is the only way an Amiga user whose Amiga brand monitor has failed can use their Amiga since Amiga monitors are long since discontinued. The Toastscan design also allows the popular Video Toaster and Video Flyer boards to display on a PC monitor, which is a feature most Scan Doubler/flicker fixer boards do not allow.

Please email us back and confirm if you would like to place an order. We will not be billing your credit card until the day the units arrive and you can cancel at anytime. Currently, we do have a long waiting list and the units may be pre-sold before they arrive so we ask that you reply as soon as possible. The price has went up slightly since our last batch however we will keep the same $ 144.95 price as before for your order. To receive this special price you will need to fill out our type in form located at:
If you need one be quick.
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