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Hello all,

I had a response from Rob @ Mental Illusion. Here it is:


Hi. I started making a remake of alien breed, work has ground to a hault due to real life, just don't have the time to work on it. So far I've got most of the game in place, really the main work has to be done on the editor so I can cast it out to the wonderful world of the internet community and let people create levels and thus create a game.

There was a download, the download was free for the people downloading, however, with a 13mb file and over 8000 downloads obviously this isn't free for me.

Over the time I've been writing and hosting it I've had the grand total of £0 worth of donations, so clearly it the general populous didn't think it was worth any money to keep the download in place. Hence the download being removed. If I had bottomless pockets the download would be there, unfortunatly, I don't.

I'm sure I will return to it in the future and when that happens the download will return. Until then I'm afraid there's nothing to see apart from the screenshots.

Sorry about that, I just can't justify the cost.

Cheers, Rob."

I wrote back suggesting that he could upload the file to TurboUpload and then create a link on his website to that. The reason why I said to use TurboUpload and not MegaUpload, or YouSendIt is that as far as I know the file stays permanently... Does anybody know this for sure, couldn't find any information on the site
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