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This thread throws up some interesting questions

Is it truly a psychological thing or is it abuse of the joysticks hardware that causes things to break ?

Certainly Jopes physiological case for why increased effort is used over prolonged periods does infact create a logical arguement for why some sticks will eventually physically break.

Equally it could be argued that the more make/break contacts a microswitch performs the more likely it will break down due to heating oxidation effect of on/off operation.
This leading to a poor contact and hence incite the user to apply more presure to overcome the fault.

It is a fallacy to claim a joystick would never wear out if in constant use, as both the repetious mechanical as well as switch operations will cause wear & tear.

It could be argued from those whose sticks have never worn out that they place themselves in a "ZONE" where the stick/pad is looked on as a delicate control instrument as opposed to being a PHYSICAL part of the game.
This would be the only case I can envision where increased stress's of gameplay would NOT be translated into increased force being applied to the stick.

Having observed how my own children through to adult changed the way they handled joysticks & pads I can only sumise, that depending on the game & their own maturity at the time, their ability to limit button presses & joystick movement to only those NEEDED for the game was allways a learning curve.

The more complex the movement to perform combinations in fighting games on sticks or alternately with playstation,nintendo,x-box controllers etc the more likely certain button combo's would eventually break the controler.....particulary if they were in two player mode.

So all I can say is that both SWOS & stareye play games in a state of ZEN harmony, I do NOT dismiss it as impossible because ALL of us at some time have managed to play certain game's in that state......just not ALL games.

Perhaps these two joystick YODA'S will pass on the secret of eternal harmony ?
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