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Originally Posted by StarEye
The "waggle" games isn't to blame, I believe a good amount of people handle the joysticks with less-than-delicate force. Haven't you seen how many games almost rip their controller apart when they try to turn the car left/right in racing games for instance? Me, I just don't get it. It's a mechanical item, it should be handled with care, don't use full force to turn left or right, up or down. Don't slam the firebutton as if you're trying to beat it up. Press the buttons normally, like you'd push a on/off switch on the pc. You don't hit a button, you press it (when it says "hit the firebutton to exit" it's just a figure of speech, you're not supposed to hit it )

And when you pull the joystick in either direction... it doesn't go any further than what it's built for. You're not supposed to push or pull it beyond the limit.
Heh, in an idealist's world.

After you play for a long time, your hand gets tired and you can't get your hand to hold the stick in the direction you want unless you use more and more force.

Same with firebuttons.

Play some lotus II first with fire as accel, then forward as accel.. You'll find it more and more difficult to hold the joystick forward or the firebutton down the longer you play.. In the end you try and release the tension just a bit, but then the switch actually opens, because you don't have the fine control any more.. You notice that if you relax your hand even a tiny bit, it won't have enough strength to keep the switch closed.

I've had this happen many times in racing games.. On a tedious straight in Lotus II (there are some, yes), I drift back to reality and realise I'm putting a lot of strain on the stick.. Then I loosen up just a little, but notice that the firebutton pops up as I do this and I can't control my thumb.

The faster you have to move, the more strength your muscles generate, thus if the game requires split-second timing, you will most likely bang the stick from side to side.

If you manage to do quick movements and continuous movements (hours upon hours) while self-suggesting yourself to not use excessive force ALSO while being able to keep the movements at a reflex level, then you are a very rare type of person and are not allowed to wonder about this any more. :-) (you may however congratulate yourself of generating such a trait that saves joysticks from wear and tear)

I try to be gentle with my sticks, but the more I get immersed in the game, the heavier my actions are on the joystick.. Actually, come to think of it.. I have not broken a single stick myself.. All my broken sticks so far have been broken by others. All the ones I ever bought back in the day are still working or have been sold with some hardware at one point. :-)

This is just like typing on the keyboard. If I just hammer away at my normal 100wpm rate, it's quite noisy because I don't think about what my fingers are doing. If I want to type quietly, it's a mental effort and it slows my finger actions down because I have to think about the motion my fingers are doing.

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