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Originally Posted by StarEye
I played all the competative you can imagine. I also played a LOT of Summer Games and Winter Games, and the worst supposedly joystick-breaking game you can imagine, Decathlon, where just about every competition required you to "wiggle" the joystick.

I've also been playing games for nearly 20 years, and I never broke a joystick unintentionally. Does that make me a "virgin" in your eyes? Heh, I bet you'd lose to a lot of "virgins" if you played against them.
Its okay i understand you have a 'light' touch, infact i am pleased that 20 years of gamming has proven that the 'light' touch can save joy/game devices but what i ment by gaming virgin was in no way to dis-embue your gamming prowess.

So please dont take it the wrong way 'princess' *ahem* i mean StarEye.

insofar as myself losing to such virgins if you imply by that button bashers/mashers that happens to anyone (last time i play mortal kombat against my mum!!! right showed me up on christmas day.. i drew a line after the 4th rematch!!).

sheesh.. okay i fear i may have given the impression that i care less or not for the equipment that i have, this could not be further from the truth. however seriously a joystick takes a hell of a lot abuse, between the 48k the C64 the ST520 and Amiga, all our friends our dad, his friends my sister her friends and then there me and my brother..... serously if you said that an average joystick would last 12 months then by reference on the number of people whom used it then seriously a month is a bonus!!!

However the thread tends to suggest that quite simply out of 18 postees other than SWOS and StarEye seem to have broken of atleast had to replace one that was. 2 outa 18, that means that you guys got all the good ones, and all the poorly constructed joysticks were shipped to where i lived!!!!!!!!!!

The theroy can be proven by sending me your joysticks for testing

I believe its a law of averages and Ham-Hands but if you REALLY get into a game not mentioning any names like SWOS and my and my brother would swap and trade serious punches and bloodly noses so a game HAD to be won as anything less would result in total humiliation!!!!!!!!!

*i am not going to mention SkidMarks AGA... damn 16 hours.... it was like lemans.... WICH IS ANOTHER GAME!!!!!*
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