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WOW wtf ??????????????

jeez i was sat here bored !!! so i did a search on google for my old nick "danGerMouSe" i found you guys lol, me like you lot really misses the Amiga scene it was a cult and life for us all at the time, and we all made so many m8s it was really wicked, yes i sold the To\X/eR bbs in 94 and moved to new zealand, i kept in touch with Dennis t and a couple of users from nz that used to spend a lot of time on my bbs ,sandman and fish. but i knew so many in the uk and europe who i used to chat to on the phone for hours on end and at all times of the day and night, shit and conference calls with so many peeps on line you couldnt hear anything. hacking and phreakin getting sprint numbas and stuff, shit yes take me back then, to when the amiga ruled and it was so cool to be someone just for a day and id be glad to die happy.
to all who read this, my greets go to you i dont wana type a whole list of names and miss someone out, so im wishin you all of you " greets from my heart" you were all that made the 85 to 94 for me the best years of my life, and sadly i sold my A4000/060 in about 2000 but my memories will live on forever, take care one and all, the best regards

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