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I've not tested very hard, I had to admit. my PC was going so slowly and eraticly whan I installed AmiKit the first time, I had to trash it and reinstall, which I did saturday. I reinstalled Amikit yesterday (Thanks to the guy that came over with a copy of 3.9 for me to borrow for a couple of weeks) and as far as I can tell, it works perfectly. Not that I've tested around alot, but....

Ibrowse and AWeb seems to work without any major flaws, (haven't tried with any Flash-y things or Java-heavy stuff yet) AmIRC is (as always) a dream to use, especially when compared to mIRC. I didn't really like running Magllan on startup, so I chnged the lines in the Startup-sequence to loadwb -debug instead, and I'm using Opus 4. Might be I'm still stuck in 1991, but I happen to LIKE Dopus4

Extracting archives couldn't really be easier......just use the downloads drawer

I've not tried any games yet.

I've configured WinUAE to my personal prefs, which is (in random order as I remember them) 4 diskdrives, 68040 instead of 020/FPU, fullscreen when starting emulation, soundbuffer set to one (I've always had problems with soundbuffer at default value) Frequnce 22050Hz, and priority set to "Above Normal" "Pause Emu" and "Pause Emu"

This config (I just change to OCS/ECS, ROM and RAM as needed for "exact" A500 emu) is very stable for me. What I've not listed so far, is set to just their default values.

What I've been doing with AmiKit, it has proven as stable as.....hmmm....well.....Linux
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