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Originally Posted by Mick_AKA
Zipsticks are virtually indestructabe! So many times i've smashed one against the wall in a fit or rage and they survive!
what?? i've never chucked a joystick around, (until recently when i started throwing my PS2 pad into the bean-bag!) but none of our Zipsticks still work (i had two older brothers to share with) i also had a couple of Quickjoy Jetfighter's (the brown one) that were great, but got mullered by me and my mates on speedball 2. We managed to fix some up by making a mate's broken one a "spare parts" joystick. (and still have 2 that work)

i dont blame anyone who's broken a joystick. it's only plastic and metal FFS, it wont last forever, and it doesnt really matter at all. Some last 6 months some 6 years. Anyway, if you're really enjoying a game , most people arent gonna think about how firmly you're using it, but just get on with trying to beat your opponent! I'd be more worried about the damage i would do to them when i get beat, than i would be about the damage to the joystick. (particularly if i decide to try and cleave someone's skull with it after beating me at a best-of-5 on speedball2!)
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