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transfer ADF to Amiga?

amiga 500 kick1.3 wb1.3 1mb extension, no harddisk, (no crossdos)
i want to transfer an adf to the amiga..
so here is my plan...
i first download fat95 and adf2disk..transfer them via nullmodemcable to the amiga (do i need more programs?) this will work, tried it several times, with transdisk on the amiga -side its no problem..but..
afterwards i format some disks on the pc in 720kb (800kb) and put the adf`s
on it, in order to read them in the floppy on the a500 with the help of "fat95"
and then extract the adf`s with adf2disk..
did someone tried it already? will it work with a500 without crossdos?
where to put adf2disk and fat95 on the workbench1.3?
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