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Originally Posted by wanderer
I must have broken at least 3 Quick Shot's II within a couple of years, they looked kinda cool, but sucked as 'action' joysticks. Also, a couple of the infamous greek sticks didn't survive (Pac-man, SS Fighter or sth. etc) but that was probably due to their questionable 'quality control' at the... factory. Their were great though.
Mind you, I always treat my joysticks with respect, never bashing them like some moron who acts like he's never played a game before. Some people think they can handle joysticks the same way they handle the arcade sticks. Wrong.
Manicx, I think you should donate your joystick to an Amiga club, or even a museum before it breaks down when you least expect it.
No special moves or acrobatics, my Amiga joystics just seemed to fade away when their time came. It was sad, because I couldn't easily afford new joysticks at the time, and connecting the mouse to the joystick port trying to emulate a joystick with random, or even mystical hand/wrist motions didn't help. And the joysticks could get it from totally innocuous games, like E-motion or Powerstyx, not just Epyx-like titles...
Their time had come.
Well, I am good with my soldering iron and I have extended the life of most of my joysticks. Me and a friend have plans to create a website about joysticks and joypads. We both have a unique collection of them. I still have a QSII+ that has not been opened and taken out of the box and a few others.
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