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Hope that there will be some bonus material on the DVD.
I loved the MIDWAY ARCADE TREASURES vol1 cd on PS1. Looots of interesting interviews with the developing teams of KLA, SMASH TV and TOOBIN. Was very funny to watsh.

But the latest treasure (no.3) really suxx. Just the games. No bonus stuff.

This is pretty gay. Because i could all the stuff on MAME of course. So why do I need thoose compilations? But when there is bonus stuff on em. Thoose collections rock as hell !!!

There will be a new compilation from CAPCOM also. I think it will be called "CAPCOM LEGENDS" or so. Lots of advanced game modes for Commando or Ghosts and Goblins and stuff. Looking forward to it.

Namco Museum on PS1 was also great. You could walk around in a museum, and watsh cover arts and stuff. Great.

I have also bought a collection caled "INTELLIVISION LIFES FOR PS2. Very nice one. But the games often suck as you could imagine. But some are timeless slammers

There must be more of thoose collis. But don`t forget the bonus material.
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