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I agree StarEye; I've never personally broken a joystick either. I've always believed in treating my stuff with respect, especially a prized possession like the Amiga.

The problem was, in the early days my brother and I shared our Amiga 500 so if he broke a joystick I either had to do without or buy another one and wait for him to break that too. I eventually got my own Amiga 600. This stopped him trashing the computer itself, though because he held the misguided belief that if he broke his joystick and I had a working one he was perfectly entitled to take it and break that too. The handfisted oaf never learnt his lesson.

I think kids these days have got even worse where not looking after things is concerned. Look at these idiots who chuck their iPod Nano in their pocket amongst their keys, coins and all sorts of other sharp objects and then wonder why the screen gets scratched or cracked.

These spoilt brats get everything they want handed to them on a plate so don't have any respect for their toys, gadgets or whatever else. Whine, whine, moan, mindless throw-away society, yada, yada, yada etc etc.
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