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Originally Posted by Zetr0
StarEye, i have to ask the question..

Did you have a competative younger or older brother / sister?

If the answer is no, then i fear i may have a theory as to why you have not managed to break a joystick. truth be said in my house if you haddent broken a gaming device of some sort then your still a gaming virgin *as you would still have your cherry so to speak LOL*
I played Lotus 2 constantly with my cousin, Kick Off 2 with my brother, Streetfighter 2 and Sensible Soccer with my friends. I played all the competative you can imagine. I also played a LOT of Summer Games and Winter Games, and the worst supposedly joystick-breaking game you can imagine, Decathlon, where just about every competition required you to "wiggle" the joystick.

I've also been playing games for nearly 20 years, and I never broke a joystick unintentionally. Does that make me a "virgin" in your eyes? Heh, I bet you'd lose to a lot of "virgins" if you played against them.
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